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The experience, trial savvy and strategic planning provided by the team at Pioneers are 'unmatched by any other.'

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Construction sector has been the backbone of economy. This is what deeply understand in Knowledge Pioneers Law Firm. Our Construction team works hand-in-hand with Contract/Transactions teams in order to deliver the best-in-class Construction Contract agreements and project packages that take care of the client from entry through the exit.

As our client comes to know the business opportunity, Knowledge Pioneers assists clients in analysing the risk profile of their projects and selecting the best type of delivery method for the project. After the selection of the desired construction method, we assist clients in negotiating the contracts.

As the cost and complexity of construction differ from a project to another, our construction team has a long record of experience in negotiation and strategic advice that protects our clients’ interests and plans and manages their contractual risks.

Throughout the years, the Engineering & Construction Litigation Practice Group has successfully litigated and arbitrated disputes involving some of the most high-profile construction projects in the world. These include claims of defective engineering for reservoirs, dams, and tunnels, gas pipelines, disputes over the safe design and construction of renewable energy plants, and litigating the cause of sports stadiums and building collapses. We practice in civil and commercial courts, and arbitration forums throughout the Kingdom, as well as in GCC, and the Middle East, including in international arbitration forums.

Our Environmental Practice Group knows these challenges and is prepared to protect and assist our clients in every facet of these matters around the world. By combining extensive litigation experience at both the trial and appellate levels, regulatory and governance counseling experience with environmental transactional knowledge, our attorneys garner an international reputation for vigorous, innovative representation. 

Whether we’re helping our clients construct a compliance plan, negotiate with regulators, litigate a dispute, safeguard an M&A deal, or prepare for or respond to a crisis, our elite team of lawyers has the experience and skills to identify the best path forward and pursue it vigorously. 

With keen insight developed through thousands of transactions and countless agency negotiations and court cases, we know when and how to negotiate or when to compromise to achieve a greater goal.

For these reasons, clients worldwide have turned to us for some of the largest infrastructure risks knowing that we will bring a creative mindset and dogged persistence. We are highly skilled in creating bespoke and efficient solutions for everything from crises to more routine matters of compliance and governance and all aspects of transactions.

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