Internet & Social Media

Where (98.43%) of Saudi youth use social networking sites/applications the Internet and social media provide businesses with unparalleled opportunities to promote their products and services.

Knowledge Pioneers attorneys advise clients regarding legal, regulatory, and policy issues presented by social media, including managing the risks that may arise from the use of social media platforms, complying with applicable laws and regulations, and policing IP rights on social media. In addition, we represent clients in connection with Cyber Crimes Control Law issues, including safe harbors, website terms and conditions, and enforcement matters.

Our experience in this area includes policing clients’ properties worldwide to protect their works against infringement on the Internet and other unauthorized use. We also represent clients in litigation involving infringing websites and fraudulent use of trademarks, trade names, and other protected intellectual property in deceptive online practices.

Our Advertising, Marketing, & Promotions attorneys review online advertising campaigns and routinely advise clients on their use of the social media influencers that have become ubiquitous in modern advertising.

We also draft and review for our clients a full range of Internet-related contracts, including website development, Internet advertising, co-branding and banner ad, co-sponsorship, and hyperlinking agreements, as well as all types of e-contracts, smart contracts associating with e-commerce.

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