Environmental matters can turn into a tripwire for many companies and transactions. Without the right environmental legal counseling and strategy, a business can be overtaken by unpredictable events as its leaders are consumed by a series of increasingly serious repercussions. In the worst case, environmental problems can pose an existential threat to a client’s continued operation or they can seal the fate of a failed transaction.

Our Environmental Practice Group knows these challenges and is prepared to protect and assist our clients in every facet of these matters around the world. By combining extensive litigation experience at both the trial and appellate levels, regulatory and governance counseling experience with environmental transactional knowledge, our attorneys garner an international reputation for vigorous, innovative representation. 

Whether we’re helping our clients construct a compliance plan, negotiate with regulators, litigate a dispute, safeguard an M&A deal, or prepare for or respond to a crisis, our elite team of lawyers has the experience and skills to identify the best path forward and pursue it vigorously. 

With keen insight developed through thousands of transactions and countless agency negotiations and court cases, we know when and how to negotiate or when to compromise to achieve a greater goal.

For these reasons, clients worldwide have turned to us for some of the largest environmental risks knowing that we will bring a creative mindset and dogged persistence. We are highly skilled in creating bespoke and efficient solutions for everything from crises to more routine matters of compliance and governance and all aspects of transactions.

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