Joint Venture & Strategic Alliances

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Knowledge Pioneers attorneys regularly advise clients on strategic alliances, which have become an essential tool for achieving corporate objectives and include a broad range of collaborative arrangements among businesses. On behalf of clients in wide-ranging industries, we negotiate stand-alone joint ventures involving the creation of new entities, cross-equity, and minority equity investments, complex contractual collaborations, teaming arrangements, licensing arrangements, and product development, manufacturing, and marketing alliances.

We also draft and review for our clients a full range of Internet-related contracts, including website development, Internet advertising, co-branding and banner ad, co-sponsorship, and hyperlinking agreements, as well as all types of e-contracts, smart contracts associating with e-commerce.

Knowledge Pioneers Law Firm strategic alliance practice not only includes transactional and tax experience, but also antitrust, intellectual property, and other disciplines that are necessary to properly structure these complex arrangements. We understand that strategic alliances are different from other transactions and we apply our skills in a way that promotes the success of the strategic alliances on which we work. In particular, the success of a strategic alliance depends largely upon the ongoing ability of the alliance parties to work together. We understand that the negotiation process must foster a cooperative relationship among the parties, and we know how to structure alliances to include incentives and safeguards to promote the success of the alliance.

Our experience in this area includes policing clients’ properties worldwide to protect their works against infringement on the Internet and other unauthorized use. We also represent clients in litigation involving infringing websites and fraudulent use of trademarks, trade names, and other protected intellectual property in deceptive online practices.

Our Advertising, Marketing, & Promotions attorneys review online advertising campaigns and routinely advise clients on their use of the social media influencers that have become ubiquitous in modern advertising.

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