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In an era of real-time reporting, social media, and a 24-hour news cycle, the need for a rapid, coordinated response during a crisis is critical as legal risks are closely intertwined with reputational risks.

Boards of directors and officers of the world’s leading corporations turn to Crisis Response Practice Group of Knowledge Pioneers to provide the experience and skills needed for mitigation and proactive engagement during times of legal and reputational crisis. 

Knowledge Pioneers  Law Firm approach helps to resolve and mitigate what can quickly develop into enterprise-level risks. The experienced multidisciplinary team of Knowledge Pioneers works hand-in-hand with clients to address, advise on and respond to issues, including those relating to financial and state criminal and regulatory inquiries, shareholder activism, #MeToo, State inquiries, internal investigations, cybersecurity, environmental events, and corporate governance challenges. By leveraging the extensive experience of partners across the Firm, Knowledge Pioneers provides a holistic, deep bench of attorneys with the most relevant knowledge to help guide our clients through these legal crises

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