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The attorneys who founded Knowledge Pioneers Law Firm sought to create an entrepreneurial law firm, providing not just legal services, but also a deep understanding of business and industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia paired with superb client service.

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Badr Alarishi

Head of Corporate

Abdullah f. aldahasi

Head of Litigation

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Al Wathiq Abdulrahman

Head of administrative law

Rami hatata

Head of International Transactions

Wael Abdul Rahim

Head of Trademarks

Reem Sirwi

Head of Employment

Tharwat Fahmy

Head of Paralegal

Akhil Reza

Head of Commercial

Legal Interns

Renad Sarhan

Legal Intern

Mohammed Yassen Aljifri

Legal Intern

Maram Hatim

Legal Intern

Bassil Mahmoud Alqarni

Legal Intern

Gharam Aljehani

Legal Intern

Omar Abdullah Ghazi

Legal Intern


Souad Siraj


Ali Ramadan


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