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New Labor Benefits Calculator is LIVE in #Saudi_Arabia.

What is EOSB?

End of Service Benefits (EOSB) is a major labor right, that an employer is committed to once an employment contract has come to an end. The employer is legally bound by the Saudi legislator to pay EOSB to the employee once the employment contract is over, regardless of the fact that the employment was a definite or indefinite term contract.

Therefore, Ministry of Justice (MOJ) launched the new service, “Labor Calculator” in order to facilitate how due labor rights can be calculated in accordance with labor law and its executive regulations.

Labor EOSB Calculator Objectives

Labor EOSB Calculator Requirements

In the course of obtaining the most accurate outcomes of Labor Calculator, the user shall take into consideration the following data:

How to access Labor EOSB Calculator?

MOJ has managed to make the Labor Calculator easily accessible by all parties involved in an employment relationship that is subject to the Saudi Labor Law; either they are nationals or expatriates.

In order to access the Labor Calculator, the user should follow the steps below:

  1. Visit MOJ website:
  2. Search within “Electronic Services” tab for “Labor Calculator” service
  3. Click on “Go to the service page” button where the Labor Calculator is located at:
  4. Fill out the data set forth

What makes Labor EOSB so different?

The most important features that distinguish the Labor EOSB Calculator service from the traditional methods used in the past are:


In conclusion, we believe the launch of the Labor Calculator is a huge leap in employment relationship management and labor dispute settlement in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Last but not least, in case further clarification or information is needed, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Expansion of Labor Courts Jurisdiction

Expansion of Labor Courts Jurisdiction


On this 06/09/1442H [17/4/2021], a resolution of the Supreme Council of Judiciary number (1747/T), that concluded the following:

First: The competence of the labor courts to hear cases related to a request to expand the scope of health insurance services for the insured; As stipulated in the employment contract or the internal regulation of the facility.

Second: The competence of the labor courts to hear cases related to a request for compensation for lack of health insurance.

In addition to the above, we would like to share the advice of Knowledge Pioneer Employment Practice consultants to take the necessary measures to maintain the application of the health insurance policy to esteemed facilities employees where health insurance should be expressly included in both current and future employment contracts and the internal regulations of the facility, if possible. Prompt updates of employment contracts will indeed protect facilities’ interests and avoid the long term of litigation and judicial obligation and, accordingly, reimbursing employees who are not covered by valid health insurance in the event of their resort to the judiciary.

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